Sex Headaches: Ever Wonder What They Are About?

Sex is a pleasurable human activity. However, there’s also sex headaches, which, as the term implies, are headaches caused by sexual activity particularly by an orgasm.

You would know that it is a sex headache if you feel a dull pain on the head down to the neck when the sexual excitement builds up. It is also possible to experience a piercing sensation right before or during the orgasm. Any form of sexual activity that can lead to orgasm including oral sex, masturbation and intercourse can result in sex headaches.

These headaches come in two types.

The most common type would give no warning and happen within a few seconds of orgasm. The pain is often described as stabbing or throbbing. This is called abrupt sex headaches. It is usually a response to blood pressure and heart rate increase that happen during an orgasm. It can also be caused by bleeding into or around the brain such as subarachnoid hemorrhage.

The other type of this condition begins as a light pain on the both sides of the head. This causes tightening of the neck and jaw muscles. It builds gradually before an orgasm and then intensifies as the sexual excitement shoots up. This variety is referred to as slow-to-build sex headaches, which is less risky than the other type that can involve occurrence of hemorrhage.

Other causes of sex headaches include bleeding into the wall of an artery that is connected to the brain, coronary heart disease, use of medications, pheochromocytoma, glaucoma, sinus infection and stroke.

Some sex headaches can last for 30 minutes. Others can go on up to a few hours. Some people experience having consecutive sex headaches during continual sexual activities while others would have intermittent attacks of this health problem.
Most sex headaches are not serious and should not be a cause for worry. However, it is also possible that there is an underlying problem such as difficulty within the blood vessels that are found in your brain.

It is important to consult the doctor if it is your first time experiencing this problem, most especially if it begins abruptly before or during the sexual activity. Don’t ignore the condition even if the pain is light enough to bear.

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