Should I Trim Down on Coffee?

+ Lowers Risk of Diabetes: Drinking coffee can lower risk of diabetes. A review of research in the Archives of Internal Medicine revealed that with a few cups of coffee a day, there is a 25 percent less risk of developing diabetes. Even decaf coffee can also cut the risk so it’s obviously not the caffeine that provides the benefit but possibly the antioxidant called chlorogenic acid.

+ Lowers Risk of Liver Problems: Coffee drinkers are also less susceptible to liver cancer and cirrhosis of the liver. A study involving ethnic Chinese residents of Singapore found that drinking three or more cups of coffee a day could reduce the risk of liver cancer by 44 per cent.

+ Lowers Risk of Dementia: It also has the potential to reduce risk of Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers at Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program, Oakland, California studied 125,580 people and found that for by drinking a cup of coffee per day, participants were 22 percent less likely to develop cirrhosis.

– Study Correlation is Weak: According to James D. Lane, PhD, director of the Duke University Medical Center Psychophysiology Laboratory, the studies done on coffee’s benefits are weak. He points out that the main problem of these studies is that they compare coffee drinkers with non-coffee drinkers. It’s possible that the group of people drinking coffee may have other things in common apart from this caffeinated beverage.

– Worsens Preexisting Blood Conditions: Also, it has been shown in more studies that the caffeine in coffee has various negative effects, particularly for people with high blood pressure or diabetes. In a study, the patients’ blood pressure levels were evaluated. Findings showed that the blood pressure levels were reduced after quitting coffee for a week. Even though there was a study that showed a decrease of risk in diabetes for coffee drinkers, those who already have diabetes would worsen it by drinking coffee.

– Worsens Stress Levels: Caffeine also shoots up stress levels. It has been proved by various studies that adrenaline responses to stress are a lot higher if you have caffeine in your system. This chemical can make you more tense, stressed, anxious, and jittery than if you don’t drink coffee at all.

– Worsens Sleeping Problems: Sleeping problems are also on their all-time high when people chug down coffee all day long due to the caffeine’s addictive nature and allow it to do its job.

So to go back to the question in the title, should you trim down on your coffee drinking habit or not? The answer could be yes or it could be no.

It primarily depends on your health status. Do you have high blood pressure, diabetes, or any other illness that can aggravate the condition? If so, then you should do your best to quit your caffeine habit.

It also depends on how much coffee you’re consuming in a day. Unless you’re diabetic or hypertensive, a cup of Joe won’t hurt at all. But if you’re chugging down four to five coffee cups a day, then this raises a red flag. It’s possible that you have a caffeine addiction.

If you’re not sure whether you need to cut back on coffee or not, consult your doctor. Tell him/her how much you’re drinking in a day and what kind of problems you’re having that may be linked to caffeine consumption. Don’t forget to mention any health condition that you have that may possibly be affected by your coffee drinking habit.

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