Skip the Guilt Trip: What New Moms Shouldn’t Worry About

Being a new mom can be a lot of stress. You love your little one so dearly that you just want to be the best mom there is. And when you feel like you’re not doing the job right, you easily succumb to feelings of guilt, which in reality, won’t really do you on any good. To straighten things right, here are the top things that many new mothers constantly worry about but shouldn’t.

Not Feeling the Mother’s Unconditional Love
All moms would tell you that the second they saw their child, it was love at first sight, like they would give anything just to ensure that their bundle of joy is well taken care of. But it’s not always like that. Some moms may not have that immediate bond upon giving birth since the whole process of pregnancy and delivery can be stressful and even traumatic. Not to mention, you’re really not given the chance to fully recuperate because you’ll need to tend to your child right away. So it’s understandable that with all the stress and exhaustion, you might not be emotionally attached to your child immediately. Don’t pressure yourself. In time, as you spend more time with your baby, you’ll feel that love that other moms are always raving about.

Not Breastfeeding Enough
According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, it’s best for healthy mothers to breastfeed their babies for the first six to 12 months. Breastfeeding has been proved to be beneficial not only for the babies but also for the mommies. Because of this, many new moms are pressured to breastfeed. With that pressure, comes an increased level of guilt for those mothers who are not able to do this. Formula may not be at par with breast milk but just because you’re not able to breastfeed for valid reasons doesn’t mean you’re being a bad mother who denies your kid optimum nutrition.

Going Back to Work
Another biggest source of guilt is when a mother needs to get back to work. Almost all new moms would want to stay at home to be with their babies. But that’s not possible with most families now, given the status of our economy that requires both the husband and wife to go out and earn money. And it’s not about just the money all the time. Having gainful employment gives a woman a sense of fulfillment and this can make her an even better parent. To combat the guilt, it’s a must to organize your time properly so that you don’t completely abandon quality time with your baby. You also have to put a line between home and work. When you’re at home, you shouldn’t let work distract you, the same way that you don’t let home get into your work.

Taking the Time Off
It’s a major challenge for a mom to find time for herself in the midst of the hectic schedule. But it’s a must for every mom to do so. Spend time with friends, go out and have fun, treat yourself to a massage, or have a date night with your spouse – you need to take a break and not feel guilty because doing so benefits not only you but also your child. Being a happy mom is being a better mom.

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