Sleepless In Seattle: Dealing With Insomnia

It’s quite alarming to know that there are more people now who are being diagnosed with insomnia, a kind of sleeping problem characterized by inability or difficulty to sleep through the entire night. And more alarming is the fact that people do not seem to take it seriously. They probably think it’s not life-threatening anyway, so why bother?

Insomnia, in fact, can pose serious threats to your life. It makes you lose your focus, thereby increasing the tendency to get into accidents that can be debilitating if not fatal. Not being able to sleep increases stress levels, too, and that makes you irritable. You get into arguments and fights quite easily and you lose friends and loved ones in the process. Insomnia may also cause the development of cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and mood disorders.

Treating insomnia requires that you go deep into the problem. In many cases the root cause is just stress, thus determining the stressors becomes a priority. It may not be very easy to avoid the stressor especially if the stressor is someone or something you see everyday. If you cannot avoid stress, then you will just have to de-stress yourself at the end of the day with these simple techniques:

• Take a walk. A walk at the park at sundown is always an invigorating experience.

• Take a side trip to the mall. Window-shopping keeps your focus away from stressors so by the time you get home, you’ll be loads lighter (without the shopping bags, of course!) .

• Soak up in a warm bath when you get home. Infuse your bath water with chamomile or any scent that is mood-relaxing and soak yourself up, listening to relaxing music.

• Drink a glass of warm milk before bedtime. This helps to fall asleep better.

• Dim the lights and turn off anything that glares – TV, computer, iPAD, anything.

• Do some deep breathing exercises.

• Meditate.

If these don’t help you to sleep, you might need to stop drinking coffee during coffee breaks, and especially after dinner, as well. Still, if none of these works, seeing a specialist would be wise. The underlying problem could be medical in nature and that already requires expert advice. You might consider taking sleeping pills, but never do that without doctor’s advice. You could fall into a slumber so deep you would not be able to wake up anymore.

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