Smoking Cessation: Exploring The Dangerous Substances In Cigarettes

“Quit in order to Win”. There probably is no other statement that is as inconsistent as this. Didn’t they say, “quitters are losers”? Apparently not, when it comes to smoking.

Quitting the habit for good actually puts you on the winning lane. Why? Because cigarette is made up of not just one but countless dangerous substances. Nicotine, for example, is not only highly addictive, it also causes your blood vessels to constrict, and that deprives your cells of essential nutrients. Not only that, it also forces your heart to work doubly hard.

Also a dangerous (as dangerous or perhaps even more so as nicotine) component of cigarette is tar. Tar is carcinogenic, and since it gets into your lungs when you smoke; smoking therefore puts you at risk for lung cancer.

And, there’s more.

There are carbon monoxide (a type of gas that goes out of vehicles – poisonous when inhaled!), ammonia (a chemical found in cleaning agents), acetone (a chemical used to remove nail polish), DDT (an insecticide), arsenic (a chemical used to kill ants), vinyl chloride (a plastic material), cadmium (used in car batteries), naphthalene (a chemical used to exterminate pests), and a host of many others.

With these toxic substances, smoking a cigarette puts you closer to your deathbed. And the biggest irony is that it’s even worse for passive smokers. Passive smokers are smokers who are not cigarette smokers, but are only exposed to cigarette smoking.

But quitting the habit is easier said than done. Nowadays there are tons of products that are supposedly designed to help you quit the habit for good. There are nicotine patches and nicotine sprays that are designed to gradually reduce to zero one’s dependence on nicotine, but remember these smoking aids contain nicotine.

A recent invention which many claim to be a better alternative to traditional cigarette is electronic cigarette. E-cigarettes do not emit smoke, only vapor, and they do not contain tar and many of the other dangerous chemicals found in traditional cigarettes. But, and it has to be emphasized, e-cigarettes still contain nicotine, and propylene glycol, an anti-freeze ingredient used in car coolants.

Smoking aids may be beneficial to a certain degree, but quitting all on your without relying on smoking aids is way much better. You’d need to have a strong support system, though, plus the determination and the will, and then you can employ your own creative, but natural strategies to quit smoking for good.

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