Sports Safety – Have Fun, But Stay Safe

Every person has a favorite sport, whether just to see the game or to play it for real. There is a wide variety of sports to choose from and while they all seem fun and exciting, the physical efforts increase our chances getting body injuries and pains.

The best way of maintaining safety in any type of sports is prevention.

Clothing and Equipments
Safety clothing and equipment must be specific for the type of sport, and they can include things like safety goggles, mouth protectors, knee protectors, helmets, etc. The clothes must fit perfectly plus, the accessories (baseball bats, soccer balls, etc) must be in perfect conditions without any damage.

Physical Conditioning and Awareness
Physical recognition is important. We must be sure that our bodies are in good conditions for the sports we like. Doing strength training is a plus factor to develop and train our muscles to exert necessary extra efforts than the usual. We can also take some physical exams to know our statistics such as height, weight, vital signs and the condition of our eyes, ears, nose, chest, etc. While these are optional, they could prevent injuries. Stretching properly before playing and doing adequate cool down afterwards are essential for our body. They allow us to prepare and relax our body accordingly.

Hydration is important. Since our body is basically made of water, a lack of it could cause serious damages. When we play sports, we sweat a lot and it is the main reason why it is recommended to drink water or some hydrating liquid before, during and after the sport session. To avoid stomach cramps when drinking large quantities of liquid at once, you can drink a amount of water, energetic drink or hydrating beverage every 15 or 20 minutes and avoid any kind of beverage that has gas or caffeine.

Age is an important consideration. According to the National Center of Sports Safety (NCSS), the age factor is important to the safety in sports, because kids are usually healthier than adults. Chances of an adult getting injured in some sports are higher than a kid, but involving a kid too early in sports won’t have as much physical benefits as one may think. The American Pediatrician Academy recommends that children start playing in team sports at the age of 6, wherein they have better understanding of the concept of teamwork. Parents have to base their decision on when to allow their kids to participate on sports, which can be known by this: age, weight, game complexity, physical development, emotional development, and most importantly the child’s interest in the sport. Sports-related injuries increase as the child ages/grows.

Playing sports gives us great health benefits only if we ensure safety.

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