Stay Away from Gastritis With These Tips

Gastritis is a collective term for conditions that have the common symptom of inflammation and irritation of the stomach lining.

– Helicobacter Pylori (H. Pylori).
It is usually caused by an infection from Helicobacter Pylori (H. Pylori), the same bacteria that cause stomach ulcers.

Other factors can also lead to gastritis such as:
– excessive alcohol consumption
– regular intake of some painkillers
– injury to the gastric mucosa (mucous membrane layer of the stomach)

Acute or Chronic
This condition can either be acute or chronic. Acute gastritis occurs suddenly while the chronic one takes place slowly over time. The good news is, for most people, this condition isn’t serious and can be treated easily. However, it shouldn’t be ignored because if left untreated, it can lead to serious consequences such as severe blood loss or stomach cancer.

Common Symptoms of gastritis are:
– nausea
– hiccups
– vomiting
– indigestion
– abdominal pain
– loss of appetite
– abdominal bloating
– black and tarry stools
– recurrent upset stomach
– vomiting blood or coffee-looking substances
– burning sensation in the stomach at night or between meals

To diagnose whether or not you have this condition, the doctor will evaluate personal and family medical history.
He/she will also perform physical examinations such as:
– blood tests
– stool tests
– upper endoscopy

Can This Be Prevented?
Yes, you can stay away from gastritis and further complications by eating the right diet.

Avoid These Foods
Some of the food groups that you should avoid are:
– fast foods
– fatty foods
– spicy foods
– salty foods
– deep-fried foods

You should also stay away from those that contain:
– vinegar
– alcohol
– caffeine
– citric acid

Foods that contain flavonoids can promote the growth of Helicobacter pylori.
These include:
– apples
– onions
– celery
– garlics
– cranberries

– fatty foods:
Fatty foods should be skipped as these are difficult for the digestive system to break down.

Eat Less of These Foods
Some foods can increase the secretion of acid in the body and therefore should be taken in moderation. They are:
– cabbage
– broccoli
– dried beans

Other foods and drinks that you should eat less often are:
– eel
– tea
– nuts
– wheat
– lemon
– liquor
– salmon
– donuts
– cheese
– orange
– tomato
– coffee
– herring
– palm oil
– lemonade
– brownies
– ice cream
– chocolate
– grapefruit
– beef chuck
– corn chips
– raw onions
– sour cream
– ground beef
– milk shakes
– French fries
– unripe fruits
– Buffalo wings
– butter cookies
– starchy grains
– chicken nuggets
– creamy salad dressing
– carbonated sugary beverages

Eat More Of These Foods

With so many foods to avoid, it makes you think if there’s anything that you can still eat. Of course, you should still eat. In fact, you can’t let yourself go hungry. If you do, you make your condition worse. That’s because when the stomach is empty, the acidity level increases, which aggravates gastritis.
To avoid this, high fiber diet is essential for proper digestional functioning. A diet plan specially formulated for a person with gastritis should be observed.

Eat foods that are rich in calcium and vitamin B such as:
– legumes
– whole grains
– dark green veggies

– tofu
– beans
– lean meats
– cold water fish

Go for healthy oils like:
– olive oil
– canola oil

Replace regular vinegar with apple cider vinegar.

Yogurt instead of ice cream and milk is better for people with gastritis.

Finally, stay away from gastritis by:
– avoiding stress
– quitting smoking
– limiting intake of alcohol
– eating small frequent meals

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs used as pain relievers should not also be used by people with gastritis.

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