Staying Safe While Playing Sports

Playing sports is good for your health, not only physically but also mentally. Sports provide the necessary physical activity that would help keep you in top shape. It strengthens muscles, improves flexibility, and boosts the immune system. In terms of mental health, it releases the happy brain chemicals like endorphins that can leave you feeling upbeat and fulfilled.

But playing sports can also pose some dangerous risks if you don’t follow safety precautions. If you’re not careful, you can be at risk of fractures, wounds and other injuries. While many sports-related injuries get better in a short while, others are more serious and can leave you debilitated for a long time or even permanently.

Safety Gear
• Helmet
Sports injuries can be avoided with the right safety gear. Safety gear, particularly helmet, has helped save lives countless times. Whatever sport it is you’re playing – bicycling, boxing, skateboarding, football or motorcycling – wearing a helmet can provide the necessary protection and cushioning for the head that can prevent serious trauma from impact.

Without a helmet, a person who experiences impact on the head can suffer from brain hemorrhage or blood clot. As you know, this injury can kill. In 2008, 91 percent of the deaths from cycling accidents were those who didn’t wear helmets.

When choosing a helmet, you shouldn’t just grab the first thing that you see in the sporting goods store. Choose one that is appropriate for the activity that you’ll be doing. For example, if you’re to engage in motorcycle, a skateboard helmet won’t provide you with sufficient protection. You need something that is designed to absorb high-speed impact.

It should also fit snugly. It shouldn’t come off easily.

• Other
Of course, helmet isn’t the only thing you have to wear. Be fully equipped with safety protective gear designed specifically for the sport you’re playing.

Generally, these would include:
– shoulder pads
– knee pads
– elbow pads
– mouth guard, and many more.

More Sports Safety Tips
• Always do warm up stretching before any sporting activity. This circulates the blood to loosen up stiff muscles. Tense muscles are more prone to injury.

• Don’t forget to have time for a cool-down right after the physical activity. This helps the body return to its resting state. Do some stretching again to decrease muscle soreness.

• Drink plenty of fluids. When you’re playing sports, it’s a lot easier to get dehydrated. Take water breaks as often as needed.

• Protect yourself from the heat. Be smart enough not to play outside during the hottest hours of the day to prevent heat stroke. Be sure to wear high SPF sunscreen at least 30 minutes before going outside to play.

• Learn the proper technique. When you don’t use the correct technique in sports, you’re more likely to succumb to injuries.

• Don’t overuse your muscles. Some people enjoy playing sports so much that they forget to take a break. Some get addicted to the sport that they keep on playing even when they are already very tired. Overuse of the muscles can lead to injuries.

Stay safe, so you can continue to enjoy playing the sport that you love!

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