Teach Your Teen To Be A Safe Driver

It’s understandable that parents get nervous when their teenage kids start driving a car. Only 13 percent of fatal crashes are accounted to young drivers, ages 15 to 20, but this low rate doesn’t stop parents from being worried and concerned over the safety and welfare of their kids when they are behind the wheel.

Most teenagers learn to drive through driver’s education classes. Often, these are sponsored by schools. But learning doesn’t stop in the class. They also need to get a lot of experience driving while accompanied by another adult. If you’re patient enough, you can teach your kid how to drive. If not, you can leave the teaching to a professional. Just see to it that you establish safety rules and measures so that your teenage child will be a responsible and safe driver.

Don’t Let Your Teen Drive Alone
Even after your teen has gotten a license, have another adult accompany him/her at all times. You can also be the one to accompany your child if you have time. Do that until you’re confident about your teen’s driving skills. Your teen should also have lots of supervised experience during adverse conditions like busy streets, snow or rain.

Remind Your Teen To Focus on Driving
Tell your child that when a person drives, he/she should put his/her entire focus on this activity. One second that he/she takes his/her eyes off the road, a mishap can happen. An accident may cause serious injuries or death. Tell your kid it’s never okay to eat, use cell phone, or do anything distracting while driving. It’s important that your kid doesn’t wear headsets while operating a vehicle.

Teach Your Teen to Drive Defensively
Teach him/her how to be on the lookout always for other drivers. Remind your child that driving is not just about keeping a car running in the right lane, it should also be about building a quick reflex to defend oneself from reckless drivers that may cause harm or accidents.

Have Your Teen Examine the Car Before Driving
Encourage your teen to make it a habit to check the car’s condition before driving it. Your teen should learn how to check the tires, brakes, and other parts of the car to ensure that the vehicle is in top shape before he/she brings it out for a drive.

Never Allow Your Teen to Drive Under Influence of Alcohol
For one, you shouldn’t allow your teen to drink alcohol at this point. Also, remind him/her all the time about the dangers of driving under the influence. If it happens that the child drinks for whatever reason, most probably due to peer pressure, tell him/her that you’d rather have him/her call you for a ride, than to drive and pretend he/she hasn’t drunk.

Always Set a Good Example
You can’t teach your kid to be a safe driver if you’re reckless yourself. Be a good role model so that it would be easier for your teen to follow your advice.

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