The Early Symptoms of Depression

Depression is one of the most common conditions that affect millions of people around the world. The intriguing thing about depression is how easy it can be to miss spotting the symptoms. Many physicians who treat depression state that one of the hardest things is for the patient themselves to notice that they are suffering from depression. This article focuses on helping an average person know what symptoms to look out for that may indicate they are suffering from major depression.

Perhaps the best way of describing depression is having a general outlook that feels like one is looking through a dark veil. Experts believe that this analogy best explains how depression affects one’s senses. A person suffering from depression may often have their senses dulled. At times, they may completely disregard all the activities that had previously given them great pleasure. Depression is tricky as it manifests slowly. It takes its time to grow and once it is identified, it becomes difficult to get rid off.

Difficulty in Spotting the Early Symptoms of Depression
Spotting the early symptoms of depression is quite difficult. Moreover, there are no blood tests or brain scans that can test for depression. Depression evaluation involves a comprehensive evaluation of signs and symptoms. Some may argue that depression can be tested using brain imaging scans, however, scans are used only to pinpoint physical mood disturbances such as those caused by thyroid disease.

Early Mental Symptoms
So what are the early symptoms of depression? The best sign that a person is suffering from depression is that person’s inability to experience pleasure. Such adults who were once socially outgoing may now isolate themselves from their social circles. These adults may have a need to be left alone for long periods of time. While being left alone may not seem like a major symptom, it may reflect on problems that are more difficult. These include suicidal ideations and overwhelming sadness and pessimism.

Physical Symptoms
There are two main depression symptoms that manifest physically. These are changes in sleep patterns and appetite. Patients who suffer from major depression often have trouble sleeping and exhibit irregular sleeping patterns. In some cases, they may tend to sleep more than usual in an attempt to escape their perception of a hopeless reality. These depressed patients often have trouble with their appetite. In most cases, it is more a case of not eating than overeating.

Clearly, the early signs of depression are quite subtle. One has to be careful to check on these symptoms to avoid depression.

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