The Importance of Eating Breakfast To Lose Weight

Nothing sounds more ironic than the statement, “eat to lose weight”. Didn’t people go on fad diets to lose weight? If you don’t eat, you don’t get enough calories to make you fat, right? Well, that’s the general idea, but one that appears to be misguiding overweight individuals (a great number of them, obese).

Some think that skipping breakfast is the ultimate solution to their weight problems, but when you skip breakfast there is in fact greater tendency to grab several bites of high caloric foods like doughnuts by mid-morning. And then to make things worse, you binge at lunchtime because your brain tells you that you haven’t eaten enough.

Breakfast, as you might have noticed, comes from two words, break and fast. Eating breakfast breaks the fast, and you need to break the fast in order to produce the essential enzymes for fat metabolism. Breakfast, then, should be regarded as the most important meal of the day, more so if you are trying to lose weight.

And just because you’ve just had a power breakfast does not suggest that you can go the entire day without eating anything. That still isn’t going to solve your weight problems because you need to maintain a good metabolism to burn the fat and keep the weight off for good. Eating three main meals with two snacks or six small meals during the day, is highly recommended.

But of course, there is such a thing as being mindful of what you eat. While eating helps you lose weight, mindless munching on high-caloric foods is not going to help you keep the weight off. Basically you need to go on a high fiber diet, so start off your day with cereals, oatmeal, banana, and a glass of orange juice. And certainly, don’t neglect green and leafy vegetables, fish, and egg. Then cut back on sugar and salt. If can’t let go of coffee, try to drink it without sugar or creamer. The same goes with cereals and everything else – eat them without sugar. It’s also smart to drink a couple of glasses at least 30 minutes before each meal. This will make you fill full, so you would not find the need to put everything you see in your mouth.

Starving yourself to death all in the hope of losing weight is definitely not a good idea. If you want to lose weight, eat.

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