The Pain that is Caused When Sitting

Urethral Pain which is felt when sitting is a common experience. There are many reasons why just the act of sitting causes pain in the urethral area. These reasons include infections and neuralgia (pain in the nerve pathway). In some cases, the pain in the urethra can be a pudendal nerve entrapment, which is a chronic pain without any apparent reason.

What Causes Urethral Pain when Sitting?
Chronic Prostatitis (swelling and inflammation of the prostates) can be a cause for urethral pain when sitting. Frequent bicycle riding is also a cause. Prolonged erection is also a cause of urethral pain. A sitting position that causes compression of the perineal area is a reason for urethral pain because blood circulation to the bladder, prostate and urethra are cut off. When this happens frequently and over long periods of time, the pressure leads to mast degranulation, and this in turn leads to a compression of the pudendal nerve. This is what causes PNE or Pudendal Nerve Entrapment.

In women, the reasons for this pain can include giving birth, prolonged sitting at work, a prolapsed uterus and urinary tract infections. What actually causes the pain to occur is the frequent entrapment of the nerves, subjecting it to constant pressure. This results in the absence of blood flow. Ultimately, the nerves begin to swell because blood is stuck and is unable to flow freely. This is when urethral pain is felt. Other causes of urethral pain during sitting include spinal diseases, urological disorders and gynecological disorders.

Warning Signs
Some warning signs, or symptoms, when the pain is about to occur include a pain that alleviates upon lying down. Normally, the pain is felt in the area of the rectum, the urethra and the general genital area.

Treating Urethral Pain caused by Sitting
For pain that is caused by punendal nerve entrapment, basic treatment would be to take the pressure off the area of the nerves that have been entrapped. This can be done simply by lying down. Avoidance of anything that causes pain when sitting is the solution for punendal nerve entrapment. The more commonly used treatment for PNE is image-guided nerve blocks.

There are also specialized donut-shaped cushions and chairs that help take the pressure off the area. Medications like Neurontin or Elavil can also be taken to alleviate urethral pain.

In worst cases, surgery can relieve urethral pain which is caused by punendal nerve entrapment.


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