The Right Choices on Dietary Supplements for Men

Some men may deny this but recent studies show that men are less health conscious and more prone to drinking and smoking problems than women. Apart from the discrepancy in the physiological structures of the two genders, men’s needs are also different from women due to external factors like lifestyle, environment, dietary habits, and hygiene.

Although women are more prone to osteoporosis and bone-related problems, it is still recommended that men take in sufficient amounts of calcium, from either food or supplements. Foods rich in calcium are dairy products and leafy green vegetables. You should take in 1,000 mg of calcium everyday.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E, which fights infection and prevents cellular damage due to free radicals, is very important among men. As mentioned earlier, men drink and smoke more often and it’s a known fact that free radicals are also caused by these unhealthy activities. This is why, it’s imperative that you get minimum 15 mg of vitamin E everyday to fight the possible diseases that free radicals can give to your body.

Since men lead more physically active lives, they are in more need of magnesium, which aids in the proper functioning of the muscle and conduction of nerve impulse. Whole grains like wheat, barley and oatmeal along with meat and fish are the best food sources of magnesium that you’d need to eat more often to get the 200 to 400 mg daily requirement. Add 200 mg more if you’re very active everyday like if you have physically strenuous job.

Zinc is another important mineral that is necessary for building immune defense to combat infection, boost metabolism and assist in cellular repair. If you’re fond of eating eggs, this is where you can derive zinc. You can also get it from seafood and red meat. Keep in mind that a man needs 10 to 15 mg of zinc per day.

Potassium is a mineral that is essential for regulating heart and kidney functions. Bananas and potatoes are the best food sources of this mineral. It’s essential for men to take in potassium since many of them lead unhealthy lives and engage in dietary habits that are detrimental to heart and kidney health. Diets high in fat, cholesterol and sodium, which men are notorious for eating, can harm both the heart and kidney. The recommended daily potassium intake is 4.7 grams a day.

Another antioxidant that men need is selenium. As mentioned earlier, men with unhealthy lifestyles have high levels of free radicals in the body that can harm the cells and cause a variety of ailments including cancer. Men need to take in 50 to 200 mcg of selenium per day. This antioxidant can be derived from seafood, nuts and red meat.

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