The Safer Way to get Buffed!

Looking good is feeling good. Taking care of our body needs a lifetime of dedication and discipline. Some people dedicate their lives on making their bodies look good to the extent of making them look like a fine piece of sculpture.

Bodybuilders spend hours at the gym trying to build and form every known muscle in every part of their bodies. But like every sport or discipline, there are always risks of getting injured since most bodybuilders push their bodies beyond the limit. One needs to know how much tension his body structure can take, to void seriously injuries.

Preventing Injuries
Injures are generally presented on the weakest spots of our structure: Muscle, tendons, articulation, etc. It can also happen during a period of time of excessive use of weights, more than what the body can hold.

Experts suggest that the best prevention for injuries related to body building are gradual stretching, proper warm up or even a little of light exercises rather than directly using heavy weights. Stretching loosens the joint muscle/tendon reducing the possibility of pushing the body beyond its limit. Warming up pumps blood and oxygen to the zone, literally rising the temperature of muscles and allowing the muscles to contract with a higher strength.

It is best to know the proper techniques on how to warm up and stretch. Maintaining proper body alignment and proper body positioning allow one to prevent injuries and at the same time maximizes the effects of the exercise being done.

Toxins or heavy metals that may be present on industrialized meals or supplements that most bodybuilders take can cause harm to the body and even change the blood acidity. It can damage vital organs in the body such as liver, kidneys and heart. A healthy and balanced diet, with an increased intake of protein from natural foods, is the best diet for people who desire to lift weights safely.

The person must advance at a reasonable pace and try not to train with too much intensity or weight. That’s why there is an adaptation period before each phase of the training. Ingest good multivitamins and some supplements to take care of the joints, especially when you train hard. And give yourself plenty of rest everyday. Giving the body massages provides relaxation to the muscles and gives them the chance to rest that they need.

Bodybuilders often feel the rush to make their bodies look like Hercules. But like any other type of exercise, it takes time, patience and dedication. Always know your body’s needs and limits.

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