The Sense And Sensibility of Regular Exercise

You’ve heard it before – exercise is necessary to achieve wellness. But how many times have you fallen deaf to it? How many times have you taken it for granted, preferring instead to sleep or watch TV or simply do nothing? You probably think you don’t need to exercise because you don’t need to lose weight anyway. But exercise is not just about losing weight. Losing weight is not and should not be the sole motivating factor why you must exercise.

There are many other reasons why it is vital that you start on an exercise program immediately, and here are several of them:

1. Exercising keeps your mood up. It stimulates the chemicals in your brain, making you feel calmer, happier, and more relaxed. When you assume any of these moods, you can do more things more productively and perhaps even make a difference in someone else’s life. Being happy has a domino effect; it’s contagious. When you exercise and you feel happy, you actually radiate the happy feeling, and it influences others to do the same.

2. Exercising keeps you away from diseases. Obesity is often the precursor to the development of chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension, and it is one condition that results from inactivity. Exercising regularly keeps you on a healthy weight.

3. Exercising helps you sleep better. Exercising keeps a balance of all the hormones needed to help you sleep. If you have been finding it difficult to sleep, try exercising regularly for about a week or two; sleeping becomes so much easier then.

4. Exercising is a great way to have fun. You probably don’t realize it yet, but exercising is actually one of the best ways to have fun, whether you are alone or with your friends. Exercising allows you to be in touch with yourself, to be close to nature, or to bond with your friends. There’s really nothing boring about exercising at all. So quit being a couch potato; you’ll make better use of your time donning your running shoes and running around your neighborhood.

5. Exercising makes you look better and younger. Exercising reduces the need to undergo expensive beauty treatments because exercising revitalizes your cells, so you’ll naturally glow inside and out. Exercising brings out your youthful glow, delaying signs and symptoms of ageing.

The foregoing facts leave no doubt about the sense and sensibility of exercising.

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