Tips for Adults with ADD

Attention Deficit Disorder is a common condition that affects children, as well as adults. ADD sufferers are affected by the stigma surrounding their condition making it extremely difficult for the sufferers to address their condition. Adults, in particular, are prone to hiding the condition. ADD affects an adult's life in every possible way. As the name suggests, the adult is unable to maintain concentration for long periods of time. This tends to affect their careers, as well as their relationships. However, there are several tips, which if practiced on a regular basis can help adult ADD sufferers manage to cope with the condition and live relatively normal lives.

An Organization System
ADD sufferers are largely disorganized human beings due to their inattentiveness. When talking about organization, emphasis is placed on clutter control. An organization system should be developed which helps the ADD patient learn how to manage the various areas of their life. Therapists recommend they start by labeling all the different elements in their house, or room if starting small. This involves designating all the major sections of the house, as well as where to place items such as keys and litter bins. A labeling system makes it easier for the ADD patient to find what they are looking for.

Setting Priorities
ADD sufferers tend to have difficulty prioritizing tasks. This may affect one's career, as some tasks may not be completed on time. To overcome this issue, ADD patients are encouraged to prioritize tasks by jotting them down on paper. Due to the nature of their condition, ADD patients are easily distracted. Prioritization can help manage these distractions. Therapists suggest their patients write everything down, listing the most important first. When these patients become distracted by big ideas, they are advised to write these ideas down, and then return back to the task at hand by referring to their priority list.

Managing Finances
ADD can affect any and all areas of the sufferers' lives, especially their finances. ADD patients are naturally forgetful. They may forget to pay the water or electricity bill every once in a while. Moreover, they may forget to cash important checks, or balance their accounts. These simple, yet easily manageable errors are what money management training emphasizes. ADD patients are advised to use online services to handle most of these payments, as they tend to be fast hence, accommodating their condition.

Joining ADD Support Groups
ADD, affects millions of people around the world. Sometimes sharing these experiences with other patients may help the patient to cope with their condition. ADD support groups are online, as well as physical groups found in the community.

When ADD adults are able to cope with their condition, they have the ability to be more productive than most people. ADD in adults may be serious, but it is manageable.


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