Tips to Stay Awake during the Day

Feeling sleepy from time to time is normal. What isn’t normal is when it hampers your daily tasks or prevents you from making the most out of your day. Drowsiness during daytime is medically known as Hypersomnia, a condition of recurrent sleepiness that makes a person want to doze off even in the middle of work. The main cause of daytime sleepiness is poor sleeping habits. To stay awake during the day, here are top tips to bear in mind.

Sleep Long And Well At Night
Although this tip sounds pretty obvious, many people still neglect it and tend to cut down a few hours on their nighttime sleep. The thing is, adults need about seven to nine hours of sleep at night while teenagers and children need full nine hours. Make sure you allot sufficient time for sleeping at night so you won’t be a sleepy head the next day.

Stay Away From Distractions
Keep distractions outside the bedroom. Distractions can be anything from a blaring television to a loud conversation to exciting video games. Instead, make your sleeping area conducive to rest. Dim the lights and put on some soft lullaby music to make sleeping much easier. It’s also best to avoid doing other things on the bed apart from sleeping and having sex. That’s because if you work, read, or calculate the household budget while you’re on your bed, your mind will associate this area with things that keep you up.

Wake Up On A Consistent Hour
Set a time for waking up and stick to it, even during weekends when you’re tempted to wake up late because there is no work. If you’re having trouble staying awake during the day, it’s because you have trouble sleeping at night, and if you’re having trouble sleeping at night, it’s because you wake up late. Notice how this vicious cycle would go on and on and not solve the problem? Break the cycle by setting up a routine to wake up at the same hour everyday during the entire week. This would help put your circadian rhythm in place.

Work Out
Working out regularly for at least 30 minutes a day can prove to be beneficial for your drowsiness problem. Not only would this energize you to keep you awake during most of the day, it would also make it easier for you to sleep soundly at night. Exercise can be anything from brisk walking to cardio workout to sports activity. Just make sure that you don’t exercise near bedtime, minimum three hours before.

Eat Healthy
Eat a high-energy breakfast so you’ll have energy to last through the day. Don’t rely on coffee. Caffeine gives you a kick that you’d mistake for energy but it won’t really do good for your health. Also, schedule your dinner two to three hours before bedtime. Sleeping is much more difficult when you feel full and bloated.

If none of these techniques are effective, go see a sleep specialist immediately.

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