Travel and Health: Smart Tips for Stress-Free Traveling

Traveling is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Whether you’re looking forward to a mind-blowing adventure or you’d simply like to indulge in the most relaxing vacation ever, no one can deny the positive effects of taking a trip to one’s health, both physical and mental.

Planning for a trip, seeing new places, gaining new experiences, and meeting new people – all these can make you feel happy and excited. Vacationing is the perfect way to alleviate the stress in your daily life, which if you don’t take a break from every once in a while, can increase the risk of numerous health problems including heart disease, hypertension, stroke, and many more.

Now, of course, we cannot discount the fact that traveling can also bring about a good amount of stress. If you’re not careful, you can be even more stressed with your trip than with your life at home or at work. To ensure that you leave the s-word behind, here are some smart tips for stress-free traveling.

Plan Way Ahead
The first step in stress-free traveling is early and careful planning. Your plan should include the following: transportation (getting to and going around your destination), accommodation, itinerary (things to do, places to visit), packing, and travel documents (passport, visa, plane tickets, travel insurance, etc). Sufficient planning is your best ally against stress.

Be an Early Bird Booker
Booking early for plane tickets and hotel accommodation would save you from big bouts of headache. Imagine your frustration if your heart is set to go to a particular dream destination, only to find out that hotels and plane tickets are already fully booked. This won’t happen if you book early. It can also land you a good deal that would make you even happier.

Be a Master-Packer
Create a checklist for the things to bring so you won’t get stressed about forgetting something essential. Make sure you don’t over pack. Carrying a heavy load will prove to be very stressful. What you need to bring would ultimately depend on the nature of your trip but generally, you would need to pack the following: sufficient clothing, personal toiletries, electronic gadget with voltage/socket adapter/converter, first aid kit/medications, and travel documents.

Organize Travel Docs
Speaking of travel documents, you also need to organize these items at least six months prior to an international trip so you can have enough time to process your visa and passport. Get comprehensive travel insurance from a reputable company. Your insurance should not only insure against sickness and accident but also for delayed or cancelled flights, lost baggage, and so on.

Always Have Plan B
It’s not enough that you plan early and extensively – you should also have back up plans in the event that things don’t go the way you expect. For example, in case of a bad weather, have a contingency plan for an outdoor trip itinerary. Allot sufficient times for unexpected delays like heavy traffic, road accident, storm-delays, etc. Prepare alternate routes or alternative modes of transportation in case your initial choice is not available.

Finally and Most Importantly, Be Bright and Positive
If you complain about the smallest things in your trip, chances are you won’t enjoy every minute of it. But if you always look at the brighter side, you’d definitely have the best time of your life.

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