Treat Acne with Home Remedies

Acne is not only common among teenagers but to adults as well but it is very prevalent in younger population. When you get to your teenage years, hormonal fluctuations are very common and these are evident in some teens through development of acne.

Acnes are very annoying especially when it grows on the face and gives one a disturbed self image. Many teens find ways to get rid of it by using different commercial products but they sometimes end up futile on their attempts to rid it. Some commercial products depend on the skin type of the user and so it is ineffective for some and may even cause further problems. To be safe with medicating and eliminating it, one can use natural remedies that is usually available at home. Some useful home remedies are found below:

A lot of people hate its smell but this herb is very helpful in curing acne. By nature, garlic has anti-inflammatory and antibiotic effects. This is perfect for acne as it reduces swelling and kills the bacteria that thrive on it. To cure the skin acne, one should incorporate it into one’s diet and can eat it raw (if bearable). It is not advisable to rub it on the affected area as it can burn the skin.

Aloe Vera
Aloe vera has many uses especially when treating health and beauty concerns. Treating acne is one good example as aloe vera is a good skin cleanser. One just needs to squeeze aloe vera juice and apply it on the affected area. It will serve as skin mask and can be washed later, leaving skin smooth and clean. To treat acne, it has to be applied regularly to maintain clean skin and prevent infection on the pimple.

Rose Sater + Oatmeal
Rose water helps rejuvenate the skin while oatmeal serves as an effective facial scrub. Combining the two will give one facial mask that can thoroughly cleanse the skin, preventing acne infection and possibly treating scars from pimples if used for several weeks. Cleansing the skin this way can help prevent excess oils from harboring bacteria and creating skin acne.

Honey is one of the best and most effective cleansing facial masks. It is because it has antibiotic properties that helps kill bacteria that cause skin acne infection. To remedy the infection, one can take its syrup form daily or apply it directly on the affected area. When applied topically, it has to be rinsed few minutes after to flush out oil, dirt and bacteria on the affected area of the skin.

There are still many other home remedies that can be used to eliminate and prevent acne growth. Above all home remedies, one key habit that must be practiced to prevent the skin infection is cleanliness. Just washing the face before bedtime with water already helps eliminate bacteria, oil and dirt that thrive on the skin to cause acne. When commercial products are to be used, one should ensure that his/her skin is not allergic to the chemical or else it will just worsen the condition.

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