Treating Anxiety and OCD in Children

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder can affect anyone. In the United States, at least a third of the people who have OCD are children. Most of these children often have to cope with the effects of the disorders as well as the anxieties that follow them.

Anxiety Symptoms
Any child is fragile. Those with OCD have to deal with obsessive fears and worries while simultaneously dealing with the different anxieties that they may have as a result of these compulsions. Anxiety can manifest itself in the child in several ways. The child may often complain of nausea, constant headaches and stomachaches, as well as difficulty sleeping. Temper tantrums are also a common sign of anxiety in children who have OCD.

Adults may have the same anxiety symptoms that are characteristic in children. However, these symptoms are often minimized as these adults have had plenty of time and experience to control and deal with them.

Treatment for OCD and Anxiety – As OCD and anxiety are often interrelated, treatment involves dealing with both problems at the same time. There are several forms of treatment for this purpose. These include prescribed medication and therapy:

Prescribed Medication
Research has revealed that medication can help control OCD symptoms as well as anxiety. MAOI, Effexor as well as Buspirone are some of the common medication prescribed for treating the two problems. However, medication by itself is not a successful approach to fully treating the problems. Anxiety especially, is best treated with therapy.

There are different forms of treatment available for treating anxiety problems with OCD patients. The two main forms of therapy are behavioral therapy and group therapy.

Behavioral therapy involves placing the OCD individual in a situation that will cause them to become anxious. As the individual remains exposed to the cause of anxiety over a long time, they start to slowly lose their anxiety and are able to eventually realize that there is nothing to be anxious about. Behavioral therapy is best used with meditation. With mindful meditation, the patient is able to control their anxiety.

Group therapy as the name suggests involves a family or group-related therapy sessions. These therapy sessions aid in helping the OCD individual’s family come to terms with the disorder and how to deal with it in a positive light. By doing so, the family is able to help the individual overcome the anxiety that has been the cause of so many problems.

OCD and anxiety are closely interrelated. It is virtually impossible to treat one without treating the other.

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