Tricks on How to Diaper Your Baby Easily and Safely

Changing a diaper is one of the highlights of being a parent. Some approach it lightly and humorously, and others have a disgusted look on their faces. Whatever your feeling is towards diaper changing, it would all change when you diaper your own kid and you would want nothing but ensure that you do it right. Here are the steps on how to do this properly and safely:

Get Your Supplies Ready
The first step is to ensure that everything you need is within reach. You wouldn’t want to leave your baby unattended on the changing table while you grab some wet wipes from the bathroom. Some of the things you need include clean diaper, changing mat, and wet wipes. If you’re using cloth diapers, you’ll need waterproof pants and diaper cover. For babies with diaper rash, cotton balls, warm water, and towel should be ready.

Prepare for the Change
Next, you have to wash your hands thoroughly. Then place your baby on the changing table. A flat and safe surface would also do. Use the safety straps to secure your child so he wouldn’t roll off the table. If the surface doesn’t have any of these, put one hand on your baby. If he’s wriggly, have a colorful toy handy for distraction. Undo the dirty diaper but don’t remove it yet.

Do the Wiping
It’s imperative that you wipe your baby front to back and not the opposite to prevent the occurrence of a urinary tract infection. Using a mild wipe, wet cotton ball, or wet washcloth, wipe your baby. Pat your baby’s bottom dry. For baby boys, don’t forget to put a clean diaper over his penis during the change to avoid having him urinate on you.

Change the Dirty Diaper
Slowly lift your baby’s legs to slide the dirty diaper out. Keep him up to prevent him touching the dirty diaper. Slip on the clean diaper. For the disposable type, attach the adhesive tabs on the belly button level. For the cloth diaper, secure it using baby-friendly diaper pins. See to it that the penis is pointing downwards so that he doesn’t pee on top of his diaper.

Here are some more tips for a smooth diaper changing activity
• To avoid diaper rash, change baby’s diaper more often. Let his bottom air dry before putting on the clean diaper.
• Use mild soap and warm water for washing your child. Stay away from perfume or deodorant soaps.
• Same with baby wipes. Opt for those that don’t contain alcohol, perfume, or chemicals.
• Don’t use fabric softeners or perfumed clothes soap for washing cloth diapers.
• Avoid foods that trigger or worsen diaper rash.
• Use over-the-counter zinc oxide cream or topical steroid cream to relieve the rash.
• Bring your child to a doctor if the diaper rashes are bright red in color, as this may signal infection due to staph or strep bacteria.
• Make sure that the size is right for your child. Snug fit the diaper to avoid leaks.
• If you’re going to use cloth diapers, buy stainless steel pins that have protective heads that lock. This way, the pins won’t pop open and poke your kid who wiggles a lot.

All these techniques will help ensure that you achieve success each and every time you change the diaper of your precious one.

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