Turn Your Car Into A Stress-Free Zone

Owning a car gives you lots of perks. Getting to and from your destinations is much easier because you have your own vehicle to bring you anywhere you like. However, your car can also be a source of stress, especially if you’re not able to deal with things the right way. Here are some things that you can do to keep this area free of stress and at the same time, keep things safe while you’re on the road.

Make Hands Free Phone Calls
It’s never a good idea to fiddle with your phone while you’re driving. This increases accident risk by a staggering 300 percent. In fact, using the phone while driving has become the leading cause of road accidents today. Drunk driving has fallen behind in second place.

– If you need to call while you’re on the move, it’s a must to invest on a Bluetooth-compatible earpiece or use the speakerphone feature if you prefer.
– It’s also smart to go for newer model phones that let you dial a number automatically by just saying the name of the person you want to call.

Clean Up The Car
You’ll be surprised to know that there are about 300 types of bacteria that live in every square inch of your car. That’s according to a recent study. Now you know why your car smells funny sometimes. It’s a must that you take time to clean all the surfaces.

– Those that can affect your visibility like smudges on the windshield should be removed with a reliable glass cleaner.
– Use antibacterial wipes on the leather seats to remove germs.
– Freshen up the scent using natural deodorizer that you can just plug into the lighter port.

Clear The Clutter
It’s not enough that you clean up the space inside the car, you should also clear the clutter. The mess inside the car is more than enough to drive your stress levels up so you have to do something about this. Get a car litter bag and line it with a small trash bag. Toss all the trash in here. Organize those that do not need to be thrown away.

Always drive with care. This cannot be emphasized enough with so many road accidents happening every day. Having a GPS in your car can help a lot. It enables you to know the direction without having to take your eyes off the road to look at those confusing maps. Getting lost is one of the most common roots of heated arguments among couples. Just make sure that you key in your destination before you start driving.

Keep The Kids Occupied
Kids can be a major distraction when you’re driving a car. Anything that distracts you from the road can pose danger. Keep the kids busy and occupied while inside the car by giving them toys and activities to do. An etch-a-sketch or electronic game can keep these little ones busy while you focus your attention on the road.

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