Understanding The Risks Of Taking Performance-Enhancing Drugs

If you are an athlete, you may be contemplating the idea of taking performance-enhancing drugs. Most performance-enhancing drugs come in the form of steroids, usually anabolic-androgenic steroids, such as testosterone. Testosterone, as you must know by now, is a hormone that causes the manifestation of male traits. Why men develop facial hair and a deeper voice is due to this hormone. Women do not manifest these because they have lower testosterone levels.

But testosterone has another function, that is, to increase muscle mass. And to any athlete, having a bigger muscle mass is very crucial to winning. Particularly, a bigger muscle mass means two things – more energy to sustain a workout or competition, and faster recovery with fewer muscles getting damaged during the workout. Synthetic testosterone pills are a hot item on the internet and beyond. Formulated to increase muscle mass and improve strength and endurance, these pills are supposed to give you a competitive edge. Testosterone supplements may be able to increase muscle mass fast, yes, but at what price? What does it cost to win?

Using testosterone supplements does not encourage fair play. But more than that, the misguided use of synthetic testosterone supplements pose many health risks. Besides causing baldness and infertility problems in men, and the development of a deeper voice and increased facial hair in women, testosterone supplements, in both sexes, appear to increase one’s tendency to develop tendinitis, hypertension and heart problems, liver problems, severe acne, aggressive behavior, depression, and dependence on the drug.

Apparently, sports organizations are prohibiting the use of performance-enhancing drugs, and many countries have declared performance-enhancing drugs illegal. Yet for some reason, they still get into the hands of unsuspecting victims who do not know what they are getting into, athletes who are so desperate to win they are willing to take all the risks, even if death becomes a consequence.

If you are wise, you would think twice about taking performance-enhancing drugs and just simply rely on your own natural capabilities. Besides, you can always take steps in increasing your natural capabilities without having to go the unnatural route. Train hard both physically and mentally. Have a goal and focus on that. If you have the right attitude, you’ll be able to perform at your best anyhow, and no matter how and where you end in the race, you’ll still emerge a winner. Winning is possible even without relying on performance-enhancing drugs.

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