What Causes Gross Hematuria?

Hematuria is defined as the presence of evident blood in the urine. When termed as Gross Hematuria, it means that blood can be seen in a person’s urine. Gross Hematuria is a symptom and not a disease. It is an indication that something is wrong in the urinary tract and the person needs to be examined by a doctor. It is important to determine the cause of gross hematuria because it can stop a potentially serious medical condition from becoming even worse. There are a variety of causes and several are outlined below.

In some cases, certain medications can cause gross hematuria. Warfarin, penicillin, cyclophosphamide, heparin and aspirin are some examples. These drugs can also cause fatigue, nausea and the loss of appetite.

Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)
One of the common causes of gross hematuria is a urinary tract infection. The infection occurs when bacteria enter the bladder through the ureter and multiply inside it. This causes inflammation and may cause bleeding.

Kidney Infections
More serious than a urinary tract infection, a kidney infection can also cause gross hematuria. The infection happens when bacteria infiltrates kidneys through the bloodstream or the ureter. Other symptoms of a kidney infection include fever, flank pain and strong-smelling urine.

Injuries to the Kidneys
Sports injuries or accidents with blows to the kidneys can be a cause for the presence of a lot of blood in the urine. If left unattended, these injuries can cause serious pain, and possibly a shattered kidney.

Stone in the Kidney or Bladder
Another possible cause for gross hematuria is the presence of kidney or bladder stones. These stones are formed due of the accumulation of mineral crystals present in concentrated urine. Aside from blood in the urine, severe pain is common for people who have either bladder or kidney stones.

An Enlarged Prostate
An enlarged prostate is also one of the possible causes for gross hematuria. The prostate expands when men matures in age. As the prostate enlarges, it compresses the urethra and partially blocks urine. The blockage of urine then can lead to bladder or kidney stones.

Certain Types of Cancer
There are types of cancers that cause gross hematuria. Among these include kidney cancer and prostate cancer. Usually, gross hematuria occurs in the advanced stages of the cancer, accompanied by extreme fatigue and weight loss. Once it has reached the advanced stages, these cancers will be a lot more difficult to treat.

Genetic Disorders
Sickle Cell Anemia, which is an inherited disorder, can also cause gross hematuria. Another genetic disorder that can produce this symptom is the Alport Syndrome in which tiny blood vessels in the kidney are damaged. This genetic disorder can also include symptoms such as fatigue and pain.

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