What Happens During a Root Canal

Our teeth play an important role in digestion. They tear and break down the food physically before swallowing and traveling all the way down to our stomachs. Since the teeth are indispensable to us, we must learn how to properly take care of them to prevent ending up with toothaches and other related diseases.

Root Canal is a relatively new dental process. We tend to hear about it all the time and most probably, most of us do not really have any first-hand experience about this thing. Before you dive into having a root canal performed on you, you must first get to know the concepts and processes involved in this dental procedure.

What It Is
Root canal therapy aims to fix tissues in the dental pulp. Dental pulp refers to the tissue within the tooth and in this part, you will find all the vital components that make the teeth function well. The root canal procedure claims to fix the problems of the teeth. Your tooth hurts when you do not take care of it in the right way, and you may have plaque, cavities and halitosis if the case gets worse. Undergoing this surgery may be an unpleasant experience for you, but it will be much better to fix your teeth problems at once rather than suffering constantly from the pain.

The Steps
In performing the root canal, the crown of the tooth is removed first to give the dentist an access to the soft tissue inside the tooth. The dentist will remove the infected tissue, clean the entire tooth and then place it back properly. A new crown for the tooth is attached by the specialist and after a few moments, you can now enjoy the benefits of having a root canal treatment.

The process may sound very easy and simple, but we cannot discount the fact that this may be a very painful process to undergo. The treatment may not be done in just a single session. You may have to pay a few visits to your dentist in order to fix the problem.

Side Effects
Some side effects can come up when you undergo a root canal procedure. Your teeth might change in color, but you can fix this by bleaching. On some occasions, people find that their teeth have turned brittle.

Root canal procedure can be quite painful, expensive and time-consuming but it can definitely save your precious teeth from the damages it has acquired. If you think that you are in dire need to undergo this process, contact your dentist and ask his or her opinion regarding this matter.

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