What Problems Can You Encounter With Body Piercing?

Body piercing is all the rage these days. It’s popular among both men and women. The ear is the most common piercing site but other parts of the body can now be pierced too, including:
– tongue
– navel (belly button)
– eyebrow
– nose
– mouth
– genital area

Each piercing site poses its own set of possible risks and different healing time.
– There may also be a small amount of fluid or blood that will come out of it.
– The piercing site usually swells at first.

Below is a list of other common problems that one might encounter with this form of self-expression:

• Infection of Piercing Site, in general
Infection can be serious and life-threatening. The risk of infection is increased if the person has other health problems. It can also affect other parts of the body than the pierced area.

• Infection of the Mouth
This can bring about problems with chewing, swallowing and speaking. There can also be swelling in the throat that can cause blockage.

• Infection of the Nipple
This can cause scars in the breast tissue that can affect a woman’s ability to breastfeed later.

• Skin Splitting or Tearing
This can cause formation of scar.

• Allergic Reactions to Metal
Some people have allergic reactions to metal, and there can also be problems with the type of jewelry used. Because of these, it’s imperative to use only the non-allergenic jewelry designed for the piercing site.
These include:
– gold
– niobium
– titanium
– platinum
– surgical stainless steel

• Chipping or Cracking of Teeth, Gum Problems, and Choking Hazard
These can be caused by the jewelry in the mouth or lips. Jewelry can also become loose or can be swallowed and can pose as choking hazard.

• Jewelry Caught on Clothing and Linens
When this happens, skin irritation may arise and the healing process can be delayed. Navel piercings, for example, can take up to one year before they can heal entirely.

• Injury From Genital Piercing
The jewelry placed in the genital area can injure you or your sex partner. It can also lead to condom breakage that can increase risk of exposure to sexually transmitted disease and unplanned pregnancy. On top of that, piercing in the penis can reduce a man’s ability to get erections.

• Damage to Underlying Blood Vessels or Nerves
This can happen if the piercing is not done properly.

• Scarring of the Piercing Site
The piercing can leave a lasting unsightly scar on the skin.

• Life-Threatening Diseases
Various disease can be acquired if the equipment used for the piercing is not sterile.
These include:
– hepatitis B
– hepatitis C
– tuberculosis
– syphilis

Before you have a part of your body pierced, think many times if this is what you really want. Think about the dangers and risks that you may possibly encounter. If you still want to go for it, have your body pierced by a reputable professional in a clean sterile environment. Follow the self-care measures after the piercing to avoid the problems listed above.

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