What to Avoid When You Eat Out

If you want to have a good time whenever you go out to eat, you should know what to order and what to avoid. This is important especially if you’re trying to eat healthy. There are certain foods packed with so many calories that they are just plain bad for you. Eating this food will be guaranteed to spoil your meal, so do yourself a favor and avoid ordering the following food on your next night out.

Chain Restaurant Omelets
Done right, an omelet can be a healthy and filling breakfast. But avoid ordering these if you’re eating at chain restaurants like IHOP. Omelets in these places are packed with calories. In some cases, a single omelet can deliver more calories than a single Egg McMuffin. Now that’s something that you’ll definitely want to avoid. Instead of going out whenever you crave an omelet, you can make your own healthy option. Just toss in some spinach, tomatoes and mushrooms.

French Toast with Bacon
It might sound like the perfect breakfast, but ordering this dish can set you back almost 2,500 calories. Instead of drenching your toast in butter, simply opt for dry toast and jam. Pass on the bacon in favor of a leaner cut of meat, like ham. Turkey ham is an even healthier option.

Appetizer Samplers
Too much of a good thing can be bad for you, and this is one good example. Sure, you might be able to save some money by ordering an appetizer sampler instead of a bunch of different appetizers. You’ll also get to try a lot of appetizers. But this is exactly the problem. Eating little bits of appetizers like buffalo wings, cheese sticks and chips and dip still add up. Instead of ordering an appetizer sampler, just stick to your favorite appetizer. Or even better, opt for a healthier appetizer like shrimp.

Stuffed Pizza
When it comes to stuffed pizza, bigger is definitely not better. A stuffed pizza packs in more cheese and pepperoni, and thus, more calories. The next time you’re craving a pizza, try a healthier option, such as a fresh tomato pizza.

Traditionally, wraps are supposed to be healthy. But you’ve got to be careful when it comes to those sauces. Avoid eating wraps with sauces like mayonnaise and ranch dressing. If you love to eat chicken wraps, why not simply grill your chicken and eat it with a nice salad? This way you’ll avoid the heavy sauces that can be a diet downfall. Club Sandwich Both mayonnaise and bacon are the downers in this sandwich. If there are potato chips on the side, that’s even worse. You might think that it’s better to order a club sandwich than a burger, but in some case, it’s actually better to have the burger. Just skip the fries.

This is just a small sample of foods that you should never order at restaurants. Now that you know what foods to avoid whenever you go out, you’ll be able to eat your way to a healthier, happier lifestyle.

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