What to Do with Eyelid Inflammation

It’s a beautiful day with the sun seemingly smiling at you. You get out from your bed and head right to the bathroom to do your personal stuffs and get ready for school or work. You thought you are going to have a perfect day but when you look into the mirror, your world suddenly fell apart – where did you get those inflamed eyelids? You suddenly think of the possible ways to conceal your horrible-looking eyes and you tried everything from eye concealers to sunglasses but nothing seems to work for you. You are left in distress and the thought of being late at work or for school even worsens the day. With those eyes in a great swell, you might just have eyelid eczema or inflammation of the eyelids in layman’s terms.

Eyelid Eczema (eyelid inflammation) is just another symptom of the skin condition generally referred to as “eczema”. This specific condition is usually triggered by some kinds of irritants that may come from the food that you have eaten or from your exposure to commercial and environmental products. You can get irritated by exposing yourself to these elements which can lead to having skin irritation. This is your body’s reaction to allergens, prompting an allergic reaction and skin inflammation in the end. Eyelid eczema is when your eyes were exposed to irritants and swelling, redness or rashes appear on the eyelid.

Eczema on the eyelids should not be considered as an infection even if there is inflammation. When we say infection, pus and other liquids will ooze out from the eyelids and this will be painful. On the other hand, eyelid eczema only involves itchiness on the area. Eyelid eczema should be treated at once because it can hinder your daily activities. It can also cause you depression, reduced interaction with other people and low self-confidence because your appearance does not look good.

You can go to a doctor and ask for some medical advice to help you make some remedies on this problem. Since the eyes are one of the most delicate parts of the body, you must treat them with utmost care. Never attempt to use topical medication around your eyes without the advice of a health expert. You may end up dealing with more trouble if you do this. Although topical ointments are not advisable to be used directly on the eyelids, these are better than creams because these are oil-based, making them more resistant to rub offs.

There are other ways to cure the eyelid eczema. You can purchase pills or syrups prescribed by the doctor. If you never had eyelid eczema up until present, then you are one lucky person. You must do some preventive measures to keep this inflammation at bay. Know the things that cause irritation and try to stay away from these. Also, update your list of irritants from time to time.

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