Which Sleeping Position is Best?

Did you know that your sleeping position can affect your health? The wrong pose can result in back pain, neck aches, tummy troubles, and even premature wrinkles! With this said, it’s important that you discover the best position for your body. Below are some of the sleeping positions enumerated.

Back Position
This one is ideal if you have problems with neck and back pain since it maintains the body’s neutral position. This doesn’t force any extra curves on your back. It’s also good for those who have gastrointestinal esophageal reflux disease. Elevate your heat so that the acid can’t come back up to your esophagus. This position also ensures that your breasts don’t sag and you don’t get much wrinkles. How is that? The weight of the breasts is fully supported and nothing pushes against your face. The only disadvantage is that it can cause snoring. Snoring is most frequent among people who sleep on their backs.

Side Position
Sleeping on your side can prevent back and neck pain by keeping your spine elongated. It also reduces acid reflux and reduces chances of snoring. However, this can contribute to premature wrinkles since one side of your face is pushed onto the pillow. It also increases risk of breast sagginess. Side position is recommended for pregnant women as it improves circulation of blood.

Stomach Position
The advantage of this particular sleeping position is overshadowed by the numerous drawbacks. For one, it can cause neck and back pain as it is difficult to maintain a neutral position with your spine. It inflicts pressure on the muscles and joints that irritate the nerves. This results not only in pain but also in numbness and tingling. Having your neck turned to one side for hours at a time can lead to soreness. Moreover, stomach position can lead to saggy breasts and premature wrinkles. The only advantage of this sleeping pose is that it prevents snoring.

Fetal Position
Sleeping like a baby is literal for some people, particularly those who love snoozing in fetal position. This curved sleeping position may be good for snorers and pregnant women but it can pose other problems for those arthritic back or joints. It also restricts the diaphragmatic breathing while promoting premature facial wrinkles and breast sagginess.

If you look at the pros and cons of each sleeping position, it’s obvious that the back position is the best bet with side position next in line. It would be a good idea to avoid stomach or fetal positions unless recommended by your doctor. Make sure you observe how you feel in the morning so you know if your sleeping position is good for you or not.

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