Why Dermologica Products Still Cause Allergies

Dermologica Products, just like other skin care systems, may contain the highest-rated ingredients and additives to ensure that the very product you buy in the market will serve its purpose of well-maintained skin. However, these chemicals, natural or artificial, are still far from being perfect, sometimes causing unfavorable side effects in some individuals.

Natural Doesn’t Mean Non-Allergenic
Yes, Dermologica skin care products are free from artificial fragrances, lanolin, and even formaldehyde that may cause adverse reactions to many individuals. But the presence of natural ingredients does not guarantee 100 percent sensitivity-free, because just, like some nature-borne particles like pollens, other elements or chemicals that commonly exist in nature may trigger allergic reactions in some individuals.

These natural ingredients may include the following:
• Rice bran
• Balm mint
• Lactic acid
• Green clay
• Fruit extracts or enzymes
• Salicylic acid

You may have seen or heard about these natural products elsewhere. In fact, the natural origin of these ingredients has won the favor of many skin care manufacturers and researchers when it comes to incorporating such ingredients in many products, including Dermologica skin care systems.

It’s a fact, some particles or chemicals found in nature, although once believed to be 100 percent safe, may at some point cause irritation or dermatitis on the skin of some individuals.

Fortunately enough, studies have associated such cases to only about 10 percent of the population; however, given the large-scale consumer base of Dermologica products, the numbers still account for a large headcount in terms of experiencing adverse reactions to specific cosmetic ingredients. The reactions, however, pose no serious harm or long-term effects on the overall health of susceptible individuals.

Irritant Contact Dermatitis
Often, a natural or artificial chemical that causes irritation on your skin may also cause persistent itchiness and redness. In some severe cases, breakouts or scales appear in areas where the product is applied. Since many of these symptoms cause itching, individuals often feel the urge to scratch the affected area, further aggravating the already red and irritated skin. This condition, also referred to as irritant contact dermatitis, is the most common form of skin irritation and is worsened by improper handling of the affected area such as excessive scratching.

Allergic Contact Dermatitis
Just like other forms of allergic reactions, an overly reactive immune system may trigger the redness and itchiness on the skin. This natural protective action of your body’s immune system is the main cause as to why some chemicals, natural or artificial, are treated by the body as harmful foreign objects or substances. This condition, also referred to as allergic contact dermatitis, may be evident especially in specific areas such as the eyes, neck, ears and lips.

Being aware of specific substances, additives, and other ingredients in your skin care product should guide you in choosing the products that work well with your unique skin condition.

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