Why do you get Adult Acne? Top Myths Busted

Acne is a skin condition which is neither contagious nor infectious. When dead skin and oil are trapped within the hair follicle, then we notice the occurrence of acne because it develops a block inside the pore.

So, how is acne distinguished? It is characterized through the presence of pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. The visible areas where acne develops the most are the neck, chest, back and the face. Individuals often tend to suffer from either mild or severe acne. Acne is not only a teenage problem and even adults between the ages of 20-30 can suffer from it. Most adults wonder why they develop acne when it is usually a problem for teenagers. Here are the reasons why:

• Fluctuating Hormones

• Use of Cosmetics

• Medication

• Hereditary

Acne Myths Busted
Although many individuals are being affected by acne, yet there exist certain myths about it. The reason for this is because not all know the main cause of acne development. Let us now look into some myths about acne, which are believed but not true.

busted-myth-1: Many adults feel that acne is caused due to poor hygiene. This is absolutely false as acne does not occur due to dirt. Those adults, who believe in this, sometime go beyond in maintaining personal cleanliness but they forget in the process that overdoing on hygiene can actually irritate the skin and may give rise to acne. You should only wash your face twice a day with mild soap.

busted-myth-2: Another myth which is totally false is that the sun can help in solving acne problem. Over-exposure of skin to the sun may result the acne to worsen.

busted-myth-3: Many adult individuals have the misconception that acne can be cured. But sadly it is treatable but not curable.

busted-myth-4: Excess perspiration helps clean out the pores and cures acne. This is also not true, as over-exercising causes oil formation. Combined with the heat and sweat acne can develop on the face, neck, back and even on the chest. Adults need to remember that after any form of physical fitness program they need to shower well and clean the area where acne is likely to develop.

busted-myth-5: People have formed the opinion that acne can be caused due to having loads of junk food. However, this is not the case. All they need to remember is that maintaining a healthy diet may help in battling acne and may prevent it from occurring.

These are just a few of many myths that have been busted about acne. It is advisable to consult a dermatologist if you see the development of acne on various parts of your body for proper treatment.

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