Why is Vitamin E the Beauty Vitamin?

As a powerful antioxidant, Vitamin E has numerous health benefits for the internal body. It helps prevent cancer, heart disease, stroke, cataract, and other ailments. However, it is better known as “the beauty vitamin” because of the many wonders that it can do for a person’s external well-being, particularly the skin.

Vitamin E for Topical Use
Vitamin E is often added to many beauty products like lotions and creams. You can also break open vitamin E capsules and simply use the oil for topical application. Below are some of the good things that Vitamin E can do for the skin.

• Acts as a great Antioxidant for Skin
Vitamin E in skin products can protect against harmful free radicals that damage skin cells. These free radicals are often caused by exposure to pollution, stress, or certain drugs.

• Moisturizes Dry Skin
Vitamin E oil from capsule supplements helps increase the skin’s moisture retention. It can be applied directly onto the face and other areas of the skin to combat dryness and roughness. It can even be rubbed on the fingertips to soften cuticles, or be used to soothe chapped lips. For softer feet, apply a lotion rich in Vitamin E before bedtime and wear woolen socks to bed.

• Minimizes Wrinkles
Due to its smoothing effects on the skin, applying a topical solution of Vitamin E on your face can help lessen the appearance of wrinkles and facial lines. An effective anti-aging regimen, a facial massage with Vitamin E oil can assist in good circulation to the skin and smooth out rough spots.

• Protects against Age Spots
To diminish the appearance of age spots due to sun exposure, dermatologists also advise to apply Vitamin E on the skin before stepping out under the sun. This is because Vitamin E forms a protective layer of antioxidants that can safeguard the skin against the harmful effects of UV rays.

• Effectively Treats Sunburn
Lotions and creams with Vitamin E protect the outer layer of the skin against ultraviolet light damage. It also acts as a great primer that aids in the effectiveness of sunscreens. When Vitamin E has been absorbed thoroughly in the deeper layers of the skin, it adds further protection against sunburn and damage.

• Reduces Scarring
Applying Vitamin E solution is a great way to help wounds heal much quicker and protect against scarring. It promotes the growth of fresh skin cells and helps moisturize the skin around the wound during the healing process, minimizing the appearance of ugly scars.

Other Benefits
Aside from its efficacy as an ingredient in creams, lotions, and other topical solutions, taking vitamin E supplements and eating foods rich in Vitamin E also have an indirect effect on the overall beauty and wellness of an individual. Its role in the prevention of various cardiovascular diseases and cancer is also of utmost importance, since health must first emanate from the inside before it can manifest into external beauty. The reason why Vitamin E was dubbed as the beauty vitamin is that it does the body good both inside and out.

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