Why Tomato Is Important In Our Body

Tomato is an edible red fruit that belongs to the nightshade family. A native of the Central and South America, its varieties are now widely grown all around the world. Tomatoes, which are actually a fruit, and not a vegetable, are full of health benefits. Some would call it as a miracle fruit because of the health wonders it brings.

Tomatoes are low in calories and sugar making it the perfect type of food for people who want to lose weight. Moreover, tomatoes are high in folic acid. The function of folic acid is to help in the reconstruction and development of healthy cells. Tomatoes can be very beneficial to people with illness and alcohol problems. Furthermore, the consumption of tomatoes helps in the build up of cells in pregnancy, development of fetus and the elderly because of its high folic content.

Aside from the high folic content, tomatoes also have a high content of vitamin C. Consumption of two tomatoes a day will give the human body 2/3 of the daily requirement of Vitamin C. Because of its ascorbic acid (vitamin C) content, it is excellently needed to strengthen the immune system and develop enough collagen for healthier skin.

Tomato is one of the top foods to take if you want a healthier skin. This fruit is rich in vitamin A and E, known to repair damaged skin cells and help clear out blemishes. The use of tomatoes is known to cause glowing skin. Vitamin E in tomatoes also aids in fertility and Vitamin A on the other hand, helps in fighting infection and promotes good eyesight. In addition to the different vitamins tomato offers, this fruit also contains vitamin B group that aids in healthy cell processes, metabolism and nervous system.

While tomato plays a very important role in the immune system, it also prevents the occurrence of different cancers. Tomato contains selenium that belongs to the chemical substances that prevent cancer.

Aside from selenium, tomato is popularly known to have the substance lycopene. Lycopene is an antioxidant that helps fight cancerous cell formation and helps in preventing heart conditions. High levels of lycopene helps wash out the free radicals from the body. A very rich source of lycopene is tomato. It is recommended that tomatoes should be incorporated in your diet every day. While there are other fruits and vegetables that contain lycopene, no other food source aside from tomato has as high level of this wonderful substance.

Aside from lycopene, the amount of potassium found in tomatoes also helps in having a healthy heart.

This fruit is also rich in magnesium, iron, copper and manganese that help in the prevention of muscle cramps, stress and certain types of anemia. Nutrition experts advise that tomatoes should be eaten both raw and cooked. There are certain ingredients found in tomatoes that only show up when they are cooked. Tomatoes in cans and tomato sauces can be very beneficial.

Tomato is really astonishing. It is amazing how a single fruit can contain all those vitamins and minerals that are significant in maintaining a healthy diet and preventing diseases.

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