Workout On Your Chair

Who said that you need to invest on exorbitantly priced fitness machines to get that toned body you’ve always wanted? That person probably doesn’t know about the workout routine that involves that one thing you’re always at – the chair. You spend a great deal of time on that piece of furniture that you might as well use it to counter the effects of sedentary lifestyle. Below, you will find below simple exercise moves that you can use with your chair, whether it’s one at home or at the office.

Triceps Push-Ups
Do you have bat wings that you want to get rid of? You finally can with this chair exercise. The triceps push-ups will let you have the gorgeous upper back that screams “toned!” in all directions.

1) The first step would be to remain seated, place your hands on the seat, and extend your legs with your back to the chair.
2) Turn the legs slightly out/forward from the hips.
3) Move your pelvis upwards and bend your elbows slightly.
4) While holding your abs in, bend your elbows to two inches and straighten them back to their original position.
5) Repeat the entire process 10 to 20 times.

Thigh Toner
Your soggy thighs can look great with this chair exercise.

1) Stand behind the chair, ideally at an arm’s length away.
2) Rest your hands on the back of the chair with your arms shoulder-width apart.
3) Keep your heels together with your toes pointed out to make a V-shape with your feet.
4) Lift your heels up for about three inches and then bend your knees over your feet.
5) Be sure to keep your abs pulled in, your knees over toes, and your tailbone over heels while doing this exercise.
6) Bend your knees further significantly to lower your body, then lift them up again.
7) Repeat 10 to 20 times.

Make above simple chair exercises your regular habit.

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