Worst Jobs for People with Allergies

Are you suffering from allergies? If yes, then you know how much of a challenge it is to dodge those annoying allergens on a day-to-day basis. Unfortunately, it’s not only at home that you can get these allergy-causing substances. Your allergies can also be triggered when you’re at work. It can be the environment where you work in or the nature of the job itself. Whatever it is, try to stay away from these jobs which are unsuitable for anyone who has serious allergies. If not, adopt coping techniques to make things easier for you.

Outdoor Workers
If you are working outdoors, then chances are you’re exposed to pollen. This is especially true if you’re working directly with trees, grasses, flowers and plants. If your job entails mowing the lawn, trimming the grass, or blowing leaves, your allergies can get worse. Looking for another job would be ideal but if this is not possible, alleviate the situation by wearing a mask, gloves, hat and long-sleeved shirt. It’s also a good idea to work early in the day when pollen count is lower. Make sure that when you get back home, you take a bath and change your clothes immediately to limit your contact with pollen and other allergens.

Salon and Spa Workers
Fumes and chemicals that come from beauty products are not necessarily allergens. But keep in mind, that these too can irritate the sensitive nasal membranes. The best way to cope with this is to ensure proper ventilation in your working area. It would also be smart to suggest to your boss to use water-based sprays instead of chemical-based ones. Pre-mixed hair colors are also the better choice over power dyes that you can easily inhale through your nostrils.

House Cleaners
There are plenty of allergens that you can come into contact with if you’re a housekeeper or cleaner. These allergens include pollen, dust mites and molds that can usually be found in furniture surfaces, carpets, air conditioners, and so on. Before you go cleaning, see to it that the room is well ventilated. It’s a must to wear a mask while working. Instead of sweeping the floor or wiping the dust with duster, it is much better to use a vacuum and damp cloth so that the allergens won’t fly around in the air. A vacuum with a HEPA filter is also a good option.

Veterinarians and Animal Groomers
If you’re going to work with animals, expect that you’ll be having close contact with furry animals that trap dander, pollen and dust. This can be a major challenge if you’re an allergy-sufferer. You may be sneezing countlessly even before the pet owner and his furry dog enters your clinic or pet-grooming center. This can be resolved by making use of a HEPA filter vacuum. Install filter in the central heating and air conditioning system to trap the airborne allergens. The entire work area should be cleaned thoroughly after each day. All the surfaces should be wiped or vacuumed.

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